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NoirCat has been found!


After intercepting an interesting video chat between NoirCat and Daphne we knew NoirCat was on the run again…

And then there was this interesting call between Monica and one of our assistants…

They were talking about the NoirCat short-lived experience as a Healing Cat!

healing cat

Spence had to put out this warning poster for Monica.. after we fired her we found out she still had some things that belonged to the company..


And here is our story map showcasing the locations that NoirCat has been including where we found the trouble maker. It was been a long investigation and we are all overwhelmed/exhausted and in desperate need of a vacation.


Weekday Update


Okay… so here is the deal HoN Getaways did help NoirCat disappear after a message we received on March 27, 2015.

We planned for the disappearance to occur on April 1st. Maggie Black’s birthday. The reasoning we received was because of problems between Black and NoirCat. Apparently Maggie was stealing all the attention and NoirCat was losing visibility inside of DS106. As punishment NoirCat decided to disappear completely with the help of my work associate Jeffrey Davidson.

Here is our original case file, we are releasing such sensitive details because we were hired under false pretenses. NoirCat had lead us to believe that Maggie Black was abusive and displayed signs of immanent danger. We later learned that the reasoning was much more personal as stated before. This false information from NoirCat was a breach of contract and relieves us of any

Screenshot (3)

You will notice that the handler assigned to this case was Monica Smith. She is a self described cat enthusiast who works at the Cats Closet in downtown Fredericksburg, Va. She has been obsessed with NoirCat and was waiting for the opportunity to replace Maggie Black as the cat’s official handler. When NoirCat reached out for help we knew that Monica Smith however quirky would be the perfect handler.



Here is the video of Monica’s boss at the Cat’s Closet explaining their business and at the end you can see NoirCat going by the name, Bo, before the official take off to Belize.




We are now reaching out to Monica in hopes that she will help us retrieve the NoirCat back, however, hiring someone who is so loyal/secretive/deranged has its setbacks.

Her loyalty is to NoirCat not HoN, we recognize that she will try her “best” to help but we understand that this is a less than perfect situation… She is letting us know that NoirCat fled from Belize but to where we are uncertain. We know that Monica has ties with Finland and the Golden Coast of Australia so we are checking there first.

Check out Jeff Davidson’s post for how our contact with Monica Smith is going.

-Melody Bay

Noir Cat Sighting


Soooo maybe we helped NoirCat disappear or maybe we didn’t… that is not the point the point is that I, Melody Bay, have found a new sighting of our “lost” cat from my HoN Getaways accomplices.


Sure its not the best quality but it is better than the empty pictures we were given to start!

So many unanswered questions left! Honestly how did we do our job so well and why are all my fellow agents letting NoirCat run the show!
Noir Cat wanted HoN to tell everyone that she is enjoying her noir VACATION/EXSCAPE in one of the three countries: Belize, Finland, or the Golden Coast. Why she gave us three countries I do not know, but I do not enjoy a small cat running the show. I will retrieve this cat if only because she is playing games.

Melody Bay

My Top Ten Fav Posts this Week!


Here are some of my favorite posts this week in no particular order!

First up is Brian Christiansen with is audio assignment Sounds of Your Day! He uses this assignment to showcase his character Gambino. It sounds awesome and his character’s name is love!

Next up is Chelsea Irizarry’s Radio Show Poster it looks A+

Third is absolutely beautiful, its a dramatic reading of Just Around the Riverbend.

My fourth pick is the audio assignment Emotions Through Sounds. I loved this because they used nature sounds to bring emotion.

Number five is a commercial that sounds legit enough to be on the radio today!

Six is the assignment theme song! Kim completed this audio assignment for her character and overcame some copyright problems to produce a great product!

Seven is some angelic singing and its G-R-E-A-T

Eight is some more sick beats

Nine is the soundboard conversion assignment by Brian Burns, he used Gus from Pysch so I was pretty excited!

Last but not least is the ACA-MAZING radio bumper by Janelle! It came out great and I really cannot wait to hear it in our finished project!