Daily Create #1/ Spring Break

Over spring break I was fortunate enough to visit my favorite museum, The Franklin Institute, to see the Art of the Brick exhibit. This show features the artist Nathan Sawaya who uses Lego pieces to create/recreate pieces of art. It was incredible, and anyone who frequents museums knows that at traveling exhibitions they do not normally let you take pictures, but here they encouraged it!

Without further ado here is my daily create and the art that inspired it!

Here is the link to the album for more pictures!

5 thoughts on “Daily Create #1/ Spring Break

  1. These are really good pictures! I’ve never been here, but they make me want to see this in person. Lol I would not have the patience to make any of those, not even a Lego house, so kudos to the artist at that museum. I like the picture you drew. It’s a cute little Lego that sums up the whole museum.

  2. These are really great pictures! I really want to visit there. I really love to built something with legos. I would definitely going to go there sometimes! Thanks for sharing greats pictures! 🙂

  3. The Franklin Institute is my favorite museum, too!! My husband and I went there on one of our first dates (he grew up outside of Princeton, so he went there all the time as a kid), and science museums have always been my favorite. Last fall we got to take our kids there for the first time, and they loved it. This exhibit looks awesome — my daughter and son would love it!

    1. Your guys’ first date sounds like something out of a romantic comedy! I have been going to the Franklin Institute on field trips since before I can remember and it never gets old. I know the exhibit is there until the first week of September and its worth the trip! All the kids were walking around in awe of the pieces, it was amazing to see because you could tell that they recognized the work as art and were all inspired to go play with Legos afterwards.

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