Daily Creates for Week 11

Who does’t love stretching their creative mind to create better more spontaneous art?

Here is the art I created this week…


This is my Kindle Cover disaster.. I would never read this book because it looks cheesy, but I am willing to bet there is someone out there who would…

This is my umbrella art, I did not want to venture outside today so my stuffed friends from long ago were the subject of this shot.


5 thoughts on “Daily Creates for Week 11

  1. I had the same idea for my Kindle disaster cover. I used Nicholas Sparks, which is obviously the complete opposite of DS life. I love yours! The penguin is a great touch as well.

  2. Your umbrella art is awesome! I did this assignment too and had to create an image with photoshop since I don’t own an umbrella.. P.S. I love the little whale friend next to the penguin haha

  3. I love your umbrella art! Especially the penguin. I love birds and I love gentlemen and he represents both!

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