Daily Creates!

My three lovely daily creates this week were the 5 Things that make you happy video, the Teal Blue and Orange, and the Scary Movie Trailer!

My first daily create took forever! I knew I wanted to do a slideshow video but for some reason YouTube was not collaborating so I had the idea to use another website to make the video and to later publish the video to YouTube. I found the website slide.ly and went crazy finding different pictures to use. I went through my iPhone, laptop, and Facebook to find the perfect pictures to use. After obsessing over this video I found out that it would not export to YouTube. I was very disappointed, but put it live on my google+ and here is the finished product.

Joys in My Life by Slidely Slideshow

Next I completed the task to modify a picture to make it action movie worthy! I recently have been binge watching Parks and Recreation non-stop and the idea of using the gorgeous Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope for my poster came to mind. I went over my favorite photo editing website picmonkey.com and used my favorite texture filter paint to receive this effect on my photo. I call it the Killer Waffle!


The final daily create I completed was the Scary Movie Trailer! I enlisted the help of my sister by simply stating “hey wanna make a movie with me?” and then we were brainstorming! Every christmas my mom buys my an adult onesie which I proudly wear around the house. Not just because it freaks my sister out and my mom loves it, but because they are surprisingly comfortable. Anyway we thought it would be funny to create a movie trailer about a onesie killer who sneaks into peoples homes and murders them. I quickly downloaded the iMovie app onto my phone. We used our camera phones to take tons a video and then following the iMovie horror trailer template I created our movie!

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