House of Noir:Progress

Our show theme is a noir round table where we will discuss questions and topics relevant to the noir stereotypes our characters represent. Since three of my group members all have the jerk with a heart of gold I am a little nervous as to how this will work with my lone mysterious woman. We have been discussing or radio show in a FB group chat all week, and just created a google doc to combine all our ideas and works in one place. We would like to set up our radio show as a call and response. Where callers will dial in and we will access the concerns. Since some of our personalities span from different time periods we were talking of having flashback segments to calls in the past so the older characters make sense in the modern show.





These are all the great posters/bumpers that my group created this week.

I also created my first commercial for the radio show

We also have this great radio bumper from Janelle!

Overall we are off to start and cant wait to record and combine our ideas for the show next week!

3 thoughts on “House of Noir:Progress

  1. I think this is a really interesting twist on the radio show idea. I love the idea that it is addressing the actual issues of the characters. Maybe for the time reference thing you could have the talk show over the years, if that makes sense? Or have a 100th episode where it flashes back to the highlights of previous episodes.

    I also love the commercial and radio bumper. They fit perfectly with your idea.

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