One thought on “Image of Me

  1. Well, those are some good pictures Of characteristics for you.

    First, it is a nice sunset, and good that you are not looking at it with your telescope.

    Second, you can help the messy parts with some nice plastic organizer tubs and stuff from a local shop. Think about Colour-coordinating bins with tasks and cross-referencing with coloured labels.

    Third, I like the way you got the word FOCUS in focus, and red, too. It makes it easier to read than all the blurry ones.

    Fourth, did they go for a swim and then came out, but left the chair, or did they go into the water wearing their shoes (which are not in the picture) because they were not coming back out? This picture is more ambiguous, and leaves the viewer wondering more. Plus, it is in black and white which makes it more #noir, which means black.

    So, these are good pictures. Try some more!

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