No Rest for the Wicked

All Me in the Scene 3 Stars

This assignment was to create a story using only my voice for all the roles! I am using this to show what happens to my character Melody when she tries to go the bar for drink and some chaotic solitude.

The first thing I did for this was look up background noise for a bar. I found the audio on youtube and downloaded into a mp3 to use on audacity.

Then I looked up different alcoholic drinks to see what I thought my character Melody Bay would drink.
I decided on a dry martini for my character! After this decision I recorded myself as Melody ordering at the bar.

After this I decided to create a male character, Jess, who will take this opportunity to talk to the famous painter. I used my voice for Jess but changed the pitch to -3 to make it deeper.

The dialogue was improv on my part and I recorded each piece one after another!

5 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked

  1. I would have really liked to see your layers- the dialogue cut out very quickly in some lines and it was jarring. I also would have liked it if the background noise was a bit quieter, as it was difficult to understand dialogue at times. Also remember to link back to the original material to give them credit. Overall though, good job.

  2. Wow, I love Jess! Oh, they are so awkward together! I can’t believe that is your voice for Jess. It is great! I have to do that for part of my group’s radio show, and I’m really nervous that it will sound weird. Hopefully it turns out as good as yours!! Also, the background sounds definitely set the scene up well. This is wonderful, I love it!

  3. I used the same background music for my very first audio assignment. Very cool! It was a good idea doing improv dialogue cause the conversation’s more natural that way

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