Radio Show Going Up On a Thursday?!

Yup that’s right my wonderful group consisting of myself, Mariam Khan, Janelle Pierangelino, and Rhiannon Lalumandier had our radio show House of Noir live on soundcloud by 10:59pm Thursday, February 26. This felt like a huge accomplishment and was honestly a lot more fun and easier than I would have expected.

We first got together in person on Tuesday in the ITCC where we had a run-in with infamous Burtis which was very exciting! During this meet up we begin typing out our script and really getting some material together.

On Thursday we had decided to meet up at the link to put everything together and finish our product.

Upon arriving we created an intro with fun music, decided the order of our show, and started putting it all together in one Audacity to create the Radio Show!

5 thoughts on “Radio Show Going Up On a Thursday?!

    1. We were in shock lol its like we forgot she was real person! But she is really nice and a lot taller than I imagined.

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