Week 10

House of Noir- Find Your Noir Lover has been released and I cannot say I am thrilled with the results.

They(Being the crew (Mariam, Janelle, and Janaye)) made me dress “happier” and took away my red lipstick. I was very uncomfortable and on the defensive. You can see it all in the video. And the results from this dating show was less than stellar.

Here is my progress post from after filming. http://sayheyjanaye.com/assignments/find-your-noir-lover-not/ I was not amused as you can tell.

I also had an interview this week with Burtis.. http://sayheyjanaye.com/assignments/my-interview-with-burtis/

My experience with the daily creates this week was relatively positive. I created batman, an inspirational saying, and beautiful tree art.

My comments this week were almost on all interview videos. I enjoyed seeing into other peoples lives without having to talk to them irl. The other comments were on my fellow House of Noir folks blogs… even though I feel like Spence’s secretary is writing all his posts for him and then signing his name.. oh well its been real DS106


One thought on “Week 10

  1. I found the two different version of Melody Bay that we saw this week very interesting. The interview Melody seemed far more comfortable than the HoN Melody — I can understand why. What they did to you on that show was inexcusable. Also, great answer on the meanie question.

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