What’s in your bag?

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This assignment asks to explain the contents of a person’s bag. I am explaining the bag of my character Melody. You can find more information about her here http://sayheyjanaye.com/assignments/introducing-melody-bay-kennish-ahn/

Melody Bay’s bag is a mess much like her life. She is always ready to pick up and go paint and her bag definitely reflects that.




Melody must carry around her paintbrushes, paint, and canvases at all time. She never knows when inspiration will strike. Also her mini canvases are the talk of the time, people in the town love seeing a little canvas show up in their belongings. Usually it is an up close picture of a body part like an eye, hand, or mouth.


Melody always keep an extra set of clothes on her, because the paint is constantly staining her clothes.


The hair ties are for when Melody’s hair is falling her face. She desperately needs a hair cut, but she has been so forgetful lately.


Lastly, crushed and crumpled between the paint supplies and clothes is bills and loose change. She cannot be bothered to keep a wallet and she always leaves paintings or raw sketches instead of paying. Which of course no one complains when her artwork has been appraised for hundreds of dollars, sometimes in the thousands.

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