Where’s the Noir Cat? Why are you asking me?!

I am very offended. As soon as HoN decides to make our company Getaways live we are accused of aiding and abating the getaway of DS106’s very own NoirCat…

Now it was not phrased so bluntly but I know exactly what Burtis was alluding to with her “WE NEED YOUR HELP!” but the joke is on you because HoN will find NoirCat and we even know of some possible locations a saucy cat like that would go. Belize, Finland, or the Golden Coast of Australia are the conclusions we were able to come up with because of some help from other clients. I know that my good friend and colleague ,Jack Spencer, seems to think that this cry for help is genuine but I, Melody Bay, happen to disagree quite fervently. Yet regardless I will help find the lost NoirCat if only to prove us innocent of this.


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